Site Maint.

Didn’t do any writing last night, instead I got caught up in some routine maint. on the site. That’s two days in a row, not a good habit.
I finished listening to Day of Reckoning on audio book. Not too bad, but I’ve got to say this now that I’ve listened to two of Jack Higgins’ novels. Fewer action scenes, more intesity. Jack has a way of writing about two or four people being killed that builds no suspense or action, then he peppers the book with these scenes. I lost track of how many people were killed in that book, but it felt like they were dying left and right all over the place. Not sure if I’ll pick up another one of his books.
In the car I’m listening to Larry Niven’s Rainbow Mars. It’s more fantasy than SF and I’ve never really fallen in love with his writing style, but I’m giving it a listen. I’ll let you know my thoughts once it’s over.
I’ve picked a new ‘downstairs’ book, Angel Eyes, a book set in Detroit by a local author, Loren Estleman. I’m hoping it’ll be a good yarn and that I’ll get some good ideas about Detroit, as that is where most of my writing is going to be set.