RSS Running

RSS is working now. You can get the link from the blue ‘RDF’ image at the bottom of the page. I also upgraded to greymatter 1.3, that was part of the delay. I forgot about the whole, FTP upload as ASCII, thing. But it’s done. I still need to work on the CGI to make the feed automatic, but I can do it manually for a day or so until I get that figured out.
So, Denis, now you can add me to you RSS feeds and let me know that you’re not reading my posts.
The rest of you can add my feed to your Yahoo homepage, your RSS reader, or whatever else you use to read these feeds.
I had to have a tire replaced last night after work and it took until 7:00 pm. Then I came home and Tasha’s sister came over. So no writing was done, but some xbox was played.