Anybody Surprised By This?

Friday progress reports were issued by the schools. Surprise of surprises…. the girls didn’t show Tasha or myself theirs. Now the question becomes how long will we have to wait to see them? And how bad will it be? You know that it isn’t going to be good. You don’t hide your progress report from your parents unless there’s something you don’t want them to see. So I can only assume that things haven’t improved from the last report card. My big fear is that things have gotten worse. Hell, the school has already sent a letter to us, just to let us know that Karin has 2 options; pass all her classes or repeat the eighth grade. The worst part is that the girls don’t seem to care. They’re smart, they could do better. They simply choose to not do the work and to not turn in the work that they do complete. What is a step-parent to do?

In other child related news, I had a chat with Kirra the other day. Seems she was skipping school and got caught this time. So I had to pick her up from detention. Gave me a chance to lay it all out for her. I hope that she actually listened to what I was saying, because she stared out the window and refused to participate in the conversation. Here’s the gist of what I told her. School is your job. You chores are your rent. If you can’t do your job and your rent doesn’t get paid, don’t plan on staying around after graduation. I also told her that I think she’s retreating from growing up instead of embracing it, and that she should really start looking at her future. She graduates in 28 months, that’s going to go by real fast. Of course she ignored me. I hope she pulls her shit together because her mother and I are at our wits end.