News, News, and More News

Yesterday was Karin’s 14th birthday. We’re going to have a party for her this weekend. She had a friend spend the night last night and seemed to have a good birthday. What with all of her friends stopping by throughout the day.

Progress reports came out on Friday. I finally saw them on Sunday…. Things are not looking good for the girls. I’ll post something more on that in a day or so.

Went to see my brother yesterday, he’s had his eyes done and no longer needs glasses. He’s very happy. He also presented me with a check from my grandfather’s life insurance policy. That was unexpected. Not simply because of the amount, but also because I really hadn’t expected anything to come of it. Apparently the estate is still being settled and there may be more coming. It seems very strange to me. Makes me realize that I need to work on the memorial for my grandfather.

I’m having ear problems, haven’t been able to hear out of my left ear for three days now. Going to have to go to the doctor about that tomorrow.