If You're Going Through Hell…

Happy Hour in HellI finished reading Happy Hour In Hell by Tad Williams. It’s the second book in what I think is going to be a trilogy. In this one, Bobby Dollar, the angel and main character in the series, goes to hell. In hell, he experiences everything you might expect from hell. He does not have a good time, but who would.
The book suffers by comparison to the first novel in the series, which was amazing. This one just didn’t pull me in. It’s pretty much a straight forward quest story. Go to hell, get the thing, get out. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t wowed by the depiction of hell, but I felt like I was trudging along with Bobby. Sometimes the trip was quick and entertaining, other times, I thought we just needed to get going. I didn’t get what I wanted from Tad Williams vision of hell and when the book was all over and done I was thinking; god dammit, really. Fuck.
I have high hopes for the third book, because I like the whole angels and demons on earth aspect of the series. I like Bobby Dollar and his cast of cohorts, but I’m glad to be out of hell and back in the realm of mortals.