Another Middle Book

I RobinHobb_ForestMagefinished listening to the second book in The Soldier Son trilogy. Forest Mage by Robin Hobb. It’s a middle book. It suffers from all the problems that plague middle books. It all feels kinda pointless and drawn out. Book one was a great set up. Book three will have a climax. Book two, well, it bridges the two parts of the story.
I like most everything I’ve read or listened to by Robin Hobb, but I found myself wanting to get my hands around the main characters neck on more than one occasion. She has a way of beating her characters quite badly. I would not want to be a character in her books. But in this case, If he was a smarter fellow, this would have been a much shorter book. But he’s not and unfortunately that makes for a story that kind of drags in places.
I confess that I checked ahead on amazon and Wikipedia, the reviews seem to agree that if you get through the second book you’ll be in for a treat in the third book. I hope so. First book was very good. Second book, felt very slow and like I was being bludgeoned with the main characters denials.
I’m looking forward to getting the third book.