Madden25 Team Relocation options and nicknames

Are you playing Madden25 in owner mode? Are you looking to escape a city that isn’t willing to cough up the money to build you a stadium? Are you just looking for a change of scenery? One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you move, you don’t get to keep your nickname. And the number of city choices is limited. There will be no Grand Rapids Lions. There can be no Nashville Chiefs. So what can you do? Here is a list of the Madden25 team relocation options and nicknames.
U.S. Choices:

  • Austin (Armadillos, Bats, Desperados)
  • Brooklyn (Beats, Dodgers, Yanks)
  • Chicago (Blues, Cougars, Tigers)
  • Columbus (Aviators, Caps, Panhandles)
  • Houston (Gunners, Oilers, Voyagers)
  • Los Angeles (Aftershock, All Stars, Dreams)
  • Memphis (Egyptians, Hounds, Steamers)
  • Oklahoma City (Bisons, Night Hawks)
  • Orlando (Orbits, Sentinels, Wizards)
  • Portland (Lumberjacks, River Hogs, Snowhawks)
  • Sacramento (Condors, Miners, Redwoods)
  • Salt Lake City (Elks, Flyers, Pioneers)
  • San Antonio (Dreadnoughts, Express, Marshalls)

International Choices:

  • Dublin (Celtic Tigers, Derbys, Shamrocks)
  • London (Black Knights, Bulldogs, Monarchs)
  • Mexico City (Conquistadors, Diablos, Golden Eagles)
  • Toronto (Huskies, Mounties, Thunderbirds)

If you relocate your team, you have choices, but not many choices. The names in paranthasis are your options for nicknames… your only choices. Each nickname comes with three uniform designs. There’s a “traditional” design, a “modern” design, and one other, but the color schemes are fixed.
Compare these options with NCAA Football’s Teambuilder function, which gives you almost complete control over your team logos, colors, uniforms, nickname, etc. The technology obviously exists, but probably the NFL wants to exercise a bit more control over their product and branding than the NCAA used to allow, and EA isn’t going to poke the bear.