Right-Setting Expectations

I saw this while doing an online search for something or other D&D related. This looks pretty cool. I’d watch this.
But that’s not the show I remember from my youth. No, back in 1983, when this came out, I was just going into 9th-grade and this is what I got. A completely unacceptable blaspheming of the greatest game ever created…
The show I remember actually looked a bit more like this.
The ‘barbarian’ was the little kid of the bunch and he hung-out with/had a pet unicorn and both were unacceptable to my younger ad&d playing self. The acrobat did have a cool staff that could change size and for some reason dressed in a fur bikini, but otherwise was pretty forgettable.
The ranger was the only character that I felt was even remotely cool. Possibly because he had that awesome energy bow. The cavalier was coward, a braggart, and pretty much a jerk all the time.
The wizard was worthless, fulfilling that much needed role of bumbling, nervous fool with a magic hat, that was so much a part of the game I loved. And then there was the red-haired girl… I had to look her up on Wikipedia, that’s how memorable she was. She was the thief with a cloak of invisibility, i.e. she was the invisible girl.
Don’t even get me started on Dungeon Master, the creepy little bald dude that brought them to this magical world and sent them on missions.
I had such high hopes when I heard that they were making a D&D cartoon. There was so much cool stuff they could have done. Instead, they gave us a bunch of kids that had only the barest connection to the game rules. I remember watching each episode cringing at what they’d done, but watching the next one hoping it would change. Never did.
Tiamat the five headed dragon was the coolest thing about this show, and that just wasn’t enough.