The Novel is Back on Track

I’ve been mulling my ‘A Difficult Dinner’ novel over for the last couple of weeks. Originally I had thought that I could write daily on ‘Blackmoon’ and do the finishing edit of Dinner. Yeah, that didn’t work out. All it did was overwealm me, which caused me to stop writing for a bit. Well, I’m back on the wagon now and planning on staying there.

Monday I had my buddy Doug come over and work over my ideas for ‘A Difficult Dinner,’ including changes to the ending and patching some holes in the story. We worked on that for about four hours and it really got my writing juices going. then on Tuesday I wrote out some more notes and started the rewrite on the novel.

I added about 700 words to the first chapter. Words that should have been there to begin with, not words just for the sake of words. And I’m starting to get a handle on the new and improved ending. My goal is to get this out the door by the end of April. That gives me a month and a half. I’m sure I can do that.

Back to work. Need to get this done if I’m going to get my stack of rejection letters going.