Video Games vs. Writing

For some unknown reason I was unable to update this journal this morning. The browser was giving me a ‘domain unreachable’ error. iPowerWeb must have been having some issues. Perhaps they were doing a maintenance.
Last night I had to struggle to get the words out of my head and onto the screen. It wasn’t the writing that was so difficult. It was more that I had one powerful urge to play a game, xbox or Anarchy Online didn’t really seem to matter. I buckled down and refused to let myself stop before I put another 1,000 words down on the screen. In the end I managed to get 1,124 words, bringing the total up to 89,389. The words were coming pretty well and I feel like I should have kept going (90,000 is so close I can taste it) but for whatever reason, the video game pull was very strong last night.
I played some Project Gotham Racing 2 and met a couple guys online that I really enjoyed racing with. There was some strange problem with one of them where he couldn’t join a room with more that four racers in it. Never expirenced anything like that before. In the end, I toped the 427,000 kudo mark and used the points to unlock the last car in the game. Well, that’s not entirely true. I still haven’t unlocked the Mercedes or the TVR, but I’ve realized that one, I’m not that good and two, that I don’t want to put the time into the game to get that good. Anyway, the TVR is in the boster pack that I bought, so really there’s only one car in the game that I don’t have available to me.
In other news, I’m going to the eye doctor on Monday to get a dilation exam. Lucky me.