Aeolus Ettuareas

AEOLUS ETTUAREAS as played by Denis
Male Minotaur Warrior, 3rd-level

Reputation Social Rank 13
Strength 19  (+3) Fort. Save +6
Dexterity 12  (+1) Ref. Save +2
Constitution 15  (+1) Will Save +2
Intelligence 13  (+1) Alignment Pleiades
Wisdom 10  (+1) Speed 30 ft.
Charisma 5  (-2) Size L ( 8′ )
Armor Class 15 Base Attack +3
Life Points 15 Melee Attack +6
Action Points 31 Ranged Attack +4
Experience Points 3,260

SKILLS:  Appraise +1, Balance +1, Bluff -2, Climb +8, Concentration +1, Craft (Brewing) +2, Diplomacy -2, Disguise -2, Escape Artist +1, Forgery +1, Gather Information +-2, Handle Animal +0, Heal +1, Hide -3, Intimidate -2, Jump +8, Listen +5, Move Silently +1, Perform -2, Pilot +1, Ride +1, Scry +1, Search +5, Sense Motive +1, Spot +5, Swim +3, Use Rope +1, Wilderness Lore +1. 
FEATS:  Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon Fighting Style.
LANGUAGES:  Laios(r/w), Common
POSSESSIONS:  Mighty Composite Short Bow

portrait by Gerald Brom

Why adventurer?

I am the fifth, and last, son of Doreius Kosmas. A moderately wealthy minotaur who was not expecting another mouth to feed. My father says my birth was an accident, my mother that it was a miracle and a blessing. Children are rare amongst women of my mothers age, to have a child so late in life is a somewhat auspicious event. Children born under such conditions are said to be of strong seed, and many such children go on to do great things, or to die trying to do great things.

You see, being born so late the family business, lands, and fortune have already been divided amongst the older siblings. It was so unlikely that another child would come from my parents coupling that no provision was made for the likes of me. In fact most of my siblings have families of their own. I have a niece, Aglaia, who is three eight cycles my senior. So you see, there is really nothing left for me. This is the way it is for those of us who are “miracle children.” There is nothing more for me to do, than to strike out and make my own fortune, create a name for myself, or die trying.

Which suits me well, as I’d rather not be tied to the brewery and vineyards in the manner of my elder siblings. Life is for the living, not for watching the slaves grow grapes and tasting the latest vintage. Give me a fine aged wine and plenty of adventure.

I left Taureas at an early age, taking work as a sailor. Because destiny decreed that I make a name for myself, and bring glory to Taureas, I was renamed by my father. In order to free me of the guild bonds of our family, he took from me the name of Kosmas and gave to me the name, Ettaureas. A name that is given to all children thus “blessed.”

Should I find great glory, wealth, and fame, I shall return to Taureas and present my case to my father and the elders. If my case is found worthy, I will gain a new name, one that will be my own, one that I shall pass down with my seed, this is the greatest of honors. With such glory as my name will hold, I will have my pick of the most beautiful women, and thus my descendants will be strong, and they will bear my name. And so I will live forever in glory.

There is no purpose to my returning home until I have earned enough glory to be granted a name. There is nothing for me there, it would be better to have the tale of my glorious death told far and wide by minstrels and poets.

Glory at any cost, eh? Well at least that’s what I have been told. I also have been told that my birth is a miracle granted by the Urathear. Most tell me to thank Pleiades, and to take the opportunity I have been given to bring greater glory to minotaur race as whole. Well, that’s what the stupid templars would have us believe. Of course such an honor for my family means they should contribute much more to Pleiades, which I view as somewhat of a scam. Though my mother believes that the more they give to Pleiades the better favor my journey will have in the eyes of Pleiades.

Personally I am sold on the glory thing, especially the part where I get to go home and get the most beautiful girls. However, its personal and racial glory that I believe in. The Regents be damned. I don’t feel that blessed most of the time. If Pleiades got me born 5th son, fifteen cycles late, then SCREW HIM. Anyway with all the grandiose talk about the minotaurs being free I’d expect more from them. I see most of my folk as being under the chaffing yoke of the templars. Of course that’s my yoke as well, since that’s Pleiades baenrahl on the back of my neck. I understand why the lesser species can be such cattle, but I expect more than a simple dupe to fool the minotaur people. We have lived to much of our history as servants to bow to anyone, be they mortal or immortal.species.d but the Minotaur.

I have heard something of these Heralds and am not adverse to their ideas. However, like all good minotaur I can bide my time and do all that’s necessary to be a good servant to Pleiades, though it has become somewhat galling of late. Besides, on the off chance I can call on a Regent or a templar at time of need, there’s no reason to lose that unless I have a better ally.

It is time to find myself a name. So, being well provisioned, I set out across the Eastern sea to find my fortune…

Ruby & Emerald D&D 3e campaign