Lawn Care

Started my vacation off with some yard maintenance. Lady Ronn pulled weeds in the flower beds and I mowed the lawn. Once the lawn was mowed, I tried out my new battery powered weed trimmer.
Ryobi RY40210A
Ryobi Model # RY40210A 40-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless String Trimmer
This thing only has a single string, I’d prefer two, but I was unwilling to shell out an additional $40 bucks for an extra string. Ryobi claims that this 40v model has a longer runtime than a gas model. I don’t know if that’s true, but it did do all my yard and still have juice… which is the real criteria. The head pivots 90-degrees so you can use it for edging, but I doubt I’ll ever use it for that. I’ve found that a dedicated edger does a better job, surprise surprise. It also has a couple attachments that you can get for it; a pole pruner, hedge trimmer, and an edger. I have none of those. The battery charges in less than two hours and it has a year limited warranty, so that’s all good.
My only complaints, and this may have something to do with my lack of trimming skill, the string release button isn’t one of those bounce type. You have to stop the thing and feed out more string. And the sample of string they give you with the unit is pathetically small. Buy extra when you get yours.
So, it worked well for what I needed and it will end my problems with spark plugs, bad gas, and dirty carburetors that inevitably lead to my gas trimmers not working when I need it.
And as an added bonus, my yard looks pretty damn good (you know, where the dog hasn’t dug it up).