Blades of Sunset

I don’t get the BBC here, what with not being a cable subscriber and all that, but I came upon a bunch of images for The Musketeers series while doing a search for swashbuckling images. I’m intrigued and a little worried.
Intrigued because I like most everything I’ve seen that is related to The Three Musketeers. And encourage more of such to be created.
Worried because I liked the imagery of the BBC’s Robin Hood show and it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Too irreverent. Too fruffy. Too much not what I was hoping it would be.
But given what I was looking for, The Musketeers, was nearly perfect, so I used some of it on my latest idea. I guess you can call this fan art. It’s just a collage of a couple images, but it’s fitting.
So at the risk of worrying my buddy Kevin, I’ll repost this little introductory blurb for a story that came to me the other day.

At fourteen, my father, stabbed me through the thigh with a sword. At fifteen, he cut me badly enough to need stitching a dozen times. When I was sixteen, he nearly severed the fingers from my left hand. A year later, he trampled me with his horse, breaking my arm and cracking my skull. When I reached eighteen it was determined that I should leave his house.

This may be what I work on next. Or it may just stew a bit longer before I tackle it. Whatever the case, I need to get my butt back into the chair.