Closing in On the End

The end of vacation, not the end of the basement project.
The neighbor started his moving sale today, I scored a spreader, two bags of seed, and a bag of fertilizer, separated him from six nearly new aluminum patio chairs and an umbrella,  and scored all his extra paint for $122, I feel I’m getting the best of the deal. As an added bonus, I moved my basement furniture and my folding picnic table out to the garage and threw up a ‘For Sale’ sign, hopefully, we’ll score some of that Moving Sale traffic.
Here are some more pictures of what’s going on down stairs. Today was full of mud and sand and mud and sand and some paint, so the pictures lack a little piazza. But here’s how  things look as of 9 pm, when I stopped to eat dinner.
20140712_110559 20140712_110701 20140712_110543 20140712_110645
And we’re getting some color in BB-1, thanks to my own resident Picasso, Lady Ronn.
20140712_203725 20140712_203738
Now that I’ve eaten, I’m going to take some Advil, then a shower, and finally hope that sleep will not elude me tonight. Later.