Oncall No More

The oncall is over. Well, technically I think it goes until 9:00 AM, but I’d be here at work until almost then anyway. So I’m unwinding and preparing for the New Years weekend. I’ve been invited to a party, but the wife says she’s made plans with her sister. What I’m wondering is, do those plans include me? I never know with this woman. Sometimes I wish my relationship was slightly more codependent. Then at least I’d know to expect her to want to be around me on these holidays. As it is she’ll probably invite me along about 30 minutes before she leaves. I of course will say no, because I’ll be annoyed. Aint it great when life is predictable.
I finished listening to The Codex by Douglas Preston while on the way to work tonight. The premise of the story seemed a little brazen to me; rich father decides to be buried with his wealth and challenges his three sons to find his tomb. But it also seemed a good set up to a rousing adventure story, which it was. I wish that the story would have had a more pronounced protagonist, but it was more an ensemble cast book. The characters were good. The story was good. The narrator was good. And the imagery of a trek through the Honduran jungle was evocative and uncomfortable. It was one of these books that leave me sitting in the car for a half hour after I’ve arrived at my destination just so I can hear what comes next. That’s always a good sign. So I’m going to give The Codex a thumbs up, despite the unlikely plot and clichéd ending. I must say, though, I loved the idea of the Mayan codex. Very cool.
I would be telling you my thoughts on Holly Lisle’s Last Girl Dancing right now, but I misplaced the book for a week. I found it tonight in the car buried in a bag under two 12-packs of returnable cans. Not a dignified place for a book to be. Losing a book with less than a hundred pages left to read was horribly annoying. When I get to those last hundred pages I usually like to race toward the end. There’s something about being that close that drives me forward. I should have it done soon, probably tomorrow.