Vacation Wrap-Up

So after taking 16 days away from my day job to relax and enjoy some vacation, what do I have to show for it; other than a sore back.
Basement Bedroom 1: Drywall finished, primed, and even painted. We’ve decided we don’t like the beige, reminds us too much of country living. All it needs is geese in bonnets.
20140713_163601 20140713_163614 20140713_163623 20140713_163634
Basement Bedroom 2: Finished the drywall and got the primer up, though, this Behr primer sucks ass, I’m just saying. It’ll need a second coat of primer, and if the halls were any indication, maybe a third. You’ll be hearing about this on the Truckcast.
20140713_214904 20140713_214833 20140713_214930 20140713_214915
Basement Bedroom 3: Almost finished. Painted and trimmed and even the blinds are hung. Hell, I’ve even moved stuff back into that room to make room for other work. I thought I had better pictures of it than these. But, not too shabby.
20140701_223342 20140701_223333 20140712_110753 20140712_110747
Now, when I started this vacation, I did tell the wife and anyone else that would listen that my goal was to get the three bedrooms and the upstairs half-bath primed. I was mostly successful. The bathroom didn’t get touched. However, I did get the hallways in the common area of the basement mudded, sanded, and primed:
20140713_214819 20140713_214756 20140713_214728 20140713_214940
And while there are no pictures, I hung drywall, mudded, reworked plumbing, changed electrical, and generally made myself useful in the basement bathroom. I’ll get to the half-bath… soon.