Giant Feather for Inspiration

So you don’t know, because I haven’t posted in quite a while, but for my birthday Lady Ronn and my boys cleared out the small upstairs bedroom and moved my desk and such back in there. I have an office again.
Lady Ronn, promises to let me know if I begin to abuse my time in said office.
I haven’t fully made it mine, but I think my eclectic stuff and the Travel Room stuff make for a not unpleasant little space to call my own.
I know, I need to stain the two pieces of furniture that I built, that’ll happen soon. And I need to get some blinds for the window to stop the glare on my sceens. Oh so very many plans for this space.
I picked up a new chair. My Aeron chair broke and they’re very expensive to fix. So I’m going old school with a wooden bankers chair. The stain is much more red than what it looked on amazon…. but I like it. And it’s pretty comfy.
So what does all this have to do with a giant feather? Well, let me tell you. I have an office so that I can get some writing done. That’s the idea anyway.
So behind the door, I put up a sign to motivate me. When the door is shut, as it should be when I’m writing; this is what I’ll be looking at.
The wood letters came unfinished from Meijer and I cut the feather out of a piece of MDF with my jigsaw. A little satin black paint. Instant motivation.
I have other projects in the works and I will share as I complete them.