Rolling the Dice In A Lot of Different Ways

I found more of my favorite writing prompt generators at the bookstore yesterday. I love the idea of these Story Cubes and adding prehistoria, clues, and enchanted to my collection was a no-brainer for me. Now, if I’d only start using them to generate writing exercises for myself, then I’d really be onto something.
TheActorSpeaksWhile at the bookstore I found one other gem. The Actor Speaks by Patsy Rodenburg, the subtitle is “Voice and the Performer.” I’m no actor, and I don’t want to be one, not really. I mean, sure I’d give it a shot if a shot was offered. But when it comes to both the Truckcast and arohenTV, I do have a certain amount of anxiety about my voice. I would like to have a more professional, radio announcer or news anchor voice. But I don’t. Voice lessons are not really an option, because I don’t want to pay for that. YouTube let me down, couldn’t find anything there that didn’t involve singing, and believe me, you don’t want that. Anyway, I’ve been wanting some advice on making it work better and having it project more clearly. I think the exercises in this book might just be what I’m looking for.
Last night I went and pulled out some research for my NaNoWriMo novel off the shelves. Looks like I have plenty of resources. I don’t plan on reading them all before November, but I will flip through them and see if there are any gems of wisdom hidden beneath their covers.
In the meanwhile I’ve been working up background, character roles, and thinking about the actual story structure for this whole Starship Adventure thing.