Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! I was crazy busy over the holiday weekend. I picked up the boys on Friday as usual but that was just the begining. I spent all weekend painting. Painting trim. Painting ceilings. Painting doors. Painting walls. Painting touch-ups where I painted what I should not have. I think I painted more this weekend than Picasso did in all his life. And when I wasn’t painting I was either patching drywall to paint or caulking after I painted. Somehow I still managed to have time to finish Max Payne 2 on the Xbox, visit with friends (Kari and Shawn), and find time to read most of the rest of the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. Just 100 pages to go.

So you’d think I’d be done with the painting, right? Nope. Yesterday the realtor came by and we put the house on the market. While she was looking over the house she noticed a couple of things that we could do to help it sell. One of those things involved painting…. Oh well, the house is on the market now and hopefully we’ve got it priced to sell.