Finally, a Face to Face to Face Comparison

Last night we went to dinner and then to the Grand Rapids auto show. Dinner was at a piano bar that we’d both heard of, but I can’t remember the name of at this moment. The food was okay, not great, but unfortunately we were there too early to see any actual dueling piano action. We told ourselves that we’d go back after the auto show and check out the music, even got our hands stamped for that purpose, but in the end we were tired and went home. We’re so lame.
The auto show itself was about what I expected. You certainly wouldn’t have mistaken it for one of the big shows in Chicago or Detroit. I didn’t notice that a lot of stuff wasn’t there, but it just felt small and unexciting. We wandered around and looked at cars. Tasha even found a few that she liked. She seemed fond of the VW Beetle, Mini Cooper, and of course the Jaguars. I got to see and sit in the three cars that I wanted most to see, and were in fact the reason for going. The new Chevrolet Camaro, which seemed to be on display as the plainest, most boring model they’ll be offering. Steel wheels and all. The Ford Mustang, in the ugliest blue color you can imagine. And the Dodge Challenger, which is just bad ass in it’s top of the line model. In the end we decided, I decided with the help of my lovely companion, that of the three, the Challenger would be my first choice and the Camaro a distant second, the Mustang just doesn’t do it for me much at all. Perhaps the Camaro will be more impressive with a different model, but I’m leaning toward the Challenger. And it looks great even in the stripped down RT model.
Now I just need to convince myself that I need a new car.