…And I'm Back

So I had a problem. I’m not even sure when it started. All I know for sure is that I couldn’t access either of my two web pages for the better part of a week and I finally decided it wasn’t some self correcting glitch or service interruption and opened a ticket with LunarPages.
I was seeing server not responding timeouts in my browser and ftp client, so I ran a TraceRoute and sure as shit it was timing out. This is what LunarPages found.

The IP Address appears to have been blocked on the SHADOW server. This block has been removed and you should now be able to access your website/server without issue.
The IP listing on the server firewall showed as follows: # lfd: (pop3d) Failed POP3 login from (US/United States/c-71-205-131-10.hsd1.mi.comcast.net): 10 in the last 300 secs – Thu Nov 20 14:23:42 2014
IP addresses are normally only blocked on the server when there are repeated connection attempts to the server from the same IP address that could possibly cause degradation of services for others on the shared hosting server. Repeated password failures from the same IP address could also cause the IP to be blocked from the server.

So what I’m wondering is, what the hell happened that would cause such a thing. Oh well, it’s working now. I guess that’s all I really care about.