Worst Vacation Ever

So I had a ‘hell week’, what with all the snow and the no heat calls. I had my 40-hours in at 2:30 pm and I was off to enjoy my vacation time. But no.
At 5:45 pm I got a call, of course my PTO doesn’t really start until Saturday, but still. No heat. I was out until 8:00 pm. Didn’t really fix it, but I got it running. Hard to find parts after six on a Friday night. Warned the property manager that it might run for a week, a day, or an hour. I really just wanted it to last until Monday.
No such luck.
Saturday morning, 9:15 am, I get a call. It’s down again. Please fix… Aren’t I on vacation? Went out anyway. Somehow managed to find parts. fixed the thing. Made it home by 12:30. Best part is that there will be issues on Monday regarding billing and paperwork and and and…
Not a good start to things.