Karin's Party

Today was my one time step daughter’s combination 19th birthday and going away party. She’s moving to Tennessee to live with a friend. We had it at Dawn and Mark’s place and I’ve got to thank them for letting us all use their place. It worked out great. Must have been 25 people at the party. Karin seemed pleased. Lots of gifts, well wishes, and attention for her.
We took the Xbox and Guitar Hero and the kids all took turns playing it. My boys were there as well. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen them since Christmas. It was good seeing them and I really need to make more of an effort to get together with them more often. Tyler says he’s going to take his drivers license test on Monday. I look forward to hearing that he’s gotten it.
As a bonus, the boys gave me a couple of Xbox racing games back that they don’t play, Project Gotham 3 and Test Drive Unlimited.
The plan was to stay on that side of the state and go visit my buddies tomorrow, but neither of us was up to another night of sleeping on a balloon (air mattress) or the inevitable drama and chaos that comes with staying at Tasha’s moms. So we packed up and, despite the weather, we headed home. Lots of ice on the roads, but we made it home before midnight.
Time for bed. Later.