I Won't Tell You Where I've Been…

…But I’m Back Now. Hopefully, with a bit more regularity from here on out.
My lease is up. I’ve moved. Two months of searching for a rental house, checking out apartments, and trying to decide where I should be locating myself around Grand Rapids to be more centrally located for my job have all ended with me moving across the pond. No, not England. I literally across the pond at my apartment complex. I can see my old apartment from my new place. This one is bigger, nicer, and more expensive. And it was a pretty simple move when you’re going less than a tenth of a mile. So here I am, a new month, a new place, and a new set of goals.
My brief resurgence of interest in the role-playing hobby has passed. Died on the cross of too much hassle for too little payoff. I love the stories and the world building, I like finding visual imagery and music to help present my games, but I hate the inevitable let down that comes with the actual playing. So with that in mind I’m going to concentrate on a creative endeavor that I have nearly complete control over all of its aspects. Yes, I’m once again on the writing kick.
I’m feeling the need to do some story telling. I’ve got some stories that haven’t made it out yet and I want them out. I want to set them free to do what they will, soar or flounder, in the minds of readers. So I’m going to rededicate myself to this whole writing thing. Once again I am putting myself under the tutelage of Holly Lisle, Stephen King, and all the other published authors out there sharing their how-to advice, disciplinary tips, and encouragement for those willing to put in the work to bring the story to the page. From them I shall pick and choose a writing program that works for me. And through that program I shall craft my next novel, , and the next, and the one after that, and on and on until I run out of stories to tell. Or such is the plan.
Of course, being one who likes company on these endeavors I’ve tried to corral some likeminded individuals into a writing support group. My results have been less than stellar. Tasha has a story idea (and not a bad one) but she wants me to write it. Kirk read my first novel and claims to like it, though I haven’t been able to pin him down for any feedback, but he writes scripts and that’s a whole different animal. So that leaves my buddy Doug as the only other member of this little writing cadre. For that I thank him. Writing in a vacuum may work for some, but I for one like to be able to talk out my stumbling blocks.
We’re doing a weekly writing call. We’ve had one and cancelled one. The one that we had went well, it was an introductory, goal setting call. I’ll tell you more about that in a bit. The one that was cancelled, well, I was moving and I’ve already told you about that.