The Plan

If you want to write and you want to be good at it, or at least competent, you have to actually do it. I know this, but as with so many things in my life, knowing what I should do and actually doing it… well. Let’s just say it doesn’t always work out. So let me tell you my grandiose plan to write a lot and read a lot. I may be accused of reaching for the stars, but never let it be said that I dream small.

Steven King says he’ll cut me a break and let me off with a thousand words a day. Mr. King also says he’ll let me take a day a week off. NaNoWriMo challenges me to put 1,667 words a day onto the page. Holly Lisle writes two thousand words a day. And then there’s the writing advice I’ve taken from everybody else, it’s all good advice but I’ve got to do what works for me in order for this to be successful.

I’m not the fastest typist and writing 2,000 words on a good day takes me a long time. Now, I’ve done the NaNo thing and I had a couple 5k days, a few more 2k days, I hit the 1,667 goal pretty regularly, some days it was tough just to get 500 words. I’m going to give myself one day off a week, to start. With the idea that I will eventually write every day. But, I still want to get that missing day’s word count so I’m setting myself the goal of 1,200 words a day.

As usual I’ll write my first draft straight through without worrying about all the things that distract from story (i.e. spelling, grammar, rewrite, editing, all that stuff). I’ll write with the door closed. And I’ll write my novel in thirteen weeks. Once that novel is done I’ll put it away, not tinker with it, allow myself to get some distance. I’ll take a week off. Full Stop. And then I’ll start again with the next novel. Same plan. Same rules. One novel, 90,000 words. Thirteen weeks start to finish.

The previous novel will sit in that drawer for at least 6-weeks. Allowing me to get fully involved in the next project. After that time, I’ll pull out the manuscript and read it through, mark it up, maybe share it with a few choice readers, and then get ready for the one pass revision.

It’s a big plan. Three or four novels a year is huge, what with the fact that I’ve only ever actually finished one novel… and that still needs a second edit/revision. Eh, I’ll get too it in 6-weeks. But I like writing, it’s hard, but it’s the most rewarding creative outlet that I’ve found. And people seem to at least not hate what I’ve shown them. I want to get published and in order to have that happen I need to do three things; write, finish, submit.

So that’s my plan in a nutshell. Today was supposed to be my first day of the plan, but like I said before, all this moving shit has thrown me off schedule. So I’m giving myself this week to finish up my story prep and background research. Later.