Not Enough Hours in the Day

I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I need to tell you and nowhere near the time I need to tell you about it. So, I’m going to do a quick summary of all the stuff and maybe I can get around to expanding on it a little later.

We moved into the new house Aug 13th, the kids loaded the truck and we had very little to move on the 14th. We bought some new furniture and everything is settling very nice. I helped my brother move into his new house over the holiday and his house is very nice as well. We had a small get together for Labor Day, it was nice. I’ve been cooking out on the gas grill and enjoying it quite a bit. I started running a new D&D campaign despite my swearing off gaming. I’ve not done near enough writing or losing weight. Though I’ve got an idea for NANoWriMo that I’m thinking about now. We got ourselves a dog and that’s really more of a handful than I expected. Finally, as if all that isn’t enough drain on my time the ramp up to Christmas has begun and the good Xbox games are starting to roll out again. I’m particularly fond of Burnout 3 and ESPN Football.

I’ll try and expand on all this a bit later.