A Host of Heroes

As I mentioned a while back, I’ve been playing around a bit with the superhero MMO, Champions Online. I played quite a bit this weekend as it was a “double XP” weekend and I had one character that I wanted to get to level 40 (which is the level cap in the game). So now I have two level forty characters, Icon and Voltage, and a whole slew of mid- and low-level characters.
Despite my best efforts, crime in Millennium City is still rampant. The gangs are running amok and there seems to be a super villain behind every door. But it’s fun. Here is a peak at my current character line-up.
From left to right my current roster of heroes; Plato, Officer Action, Street Eagle, Chevalier, Fletcher Bowmen, Doctor Midnight, Archon, Hawkspar, Excalibur, Paragon, Voltage, Icon, Kid Death, Omegastorm, Avenger, Vanguard, Stoneheart, Djinn, Inferno, Ace Carter, Virgil Dante, and Cor Leonis.
As you may gather, the character creator in this game is my favorite part. They give you lots of options and lots of power sets to choose from. And best of all, your character names are tied to your account, not to the server. So there is no excuse not to have a cool name.