And Two Make Four

Han’s head didn’t want to slide into his shirt and anybody who has read the reviews knows about the issues with Chewbacca’s arms not fitting their sockets, but I managed. It may be Friday the 13th, but I will not end up with a broken bowcaster. I found a tip on amazon; Andy Holland suggested soaking Chewie’s arms in hot water for 30-seconds before trying to install them. I did that and it worked. So then I did it with Han’s head. It worked for that as well. Seems to soften up the plastic just enough to let them push into position. and here’s  how they look on top of my bookshelf.
I have issues with the quality control that let these things get onto the shelf fitting together as poorly as they do right out of the box, but with a little care and a little work, they are a fantastic addition to the Kotobukiya ArtFX line. I see that Luke and Leia are scheduled for mid-July, and there are already two versions of 1/10th scale Vader, I’m hoping that Ben will be next so that I can have all the heroes from episode IV together on my shelf.