The Incredible Icon

“Celestial, started the Heralds of Justice, wasn’t me. I joined, sure. I guess you could call me a founding member, but it wasn’t my idea. I mean, I wasn’t the driving force behind that group.”
“Look, I hit things and I let things hit me. It’s my thing. There’s not much more too it then that. Oh, and I fly. I guess that is more… whatever.”
“I grew up in Arkansas, played football for awhile and probably could have gone pro if the strength-thing hadn’t become an issue. By the time I was 19 I was unstoppable, literally. You can’t have supers on the field with normals, they tend to get hurt.”
“I tried Hollywood, but the acting part of it was a bummer and just getting blown up and knocked around wasn’t cutting it for me. Didn’t hurt, mind you, it was just lame.”
“All the news Detroit was getting…, oh, sorry, Millennium City. Well, I saw the Champions and I thought, I could do that. Catch some kooks, knock around some gang-bangers, and spend my time talking to news crews, sounded good to me so I came here.”
“I was doing my thing and everybody seemed to be digging it. People asking for autographs and interviews and I even did some stuff for the local news early on. I don’t remember if it was Celestial or Doctor Fate that came knocking on my door for the Heralds. But they did, and now I’m the face of the franchise and Defender has me on speed dial. Life is good.”