Google Hangouts and Warlock's Cauldron

I found this video by Lex Starwalker and his Starwalker Studios on YouTube. It’s a tutorial on using Google Hangouts for roleplaying games and I was impressed by what I saw. Looks like using Google Hangouts has a lower learning curve than Roll20 and will actually do everything I might want to do. Especially given that I’d like to get  back to running games like I used to do, which means no battle mat, no miniatures, no war game veneer over my ‘theater of the mind’ game play.
I’m going to share the link here, because I don’t know that I want this on the Warlock’s Cauldron page… yeah, that’s really it. Check out the video.
In other campaign news, I’ve gained some new folks to the campaign. Kevin, Doug, and Tyler have joined Denis and Joel. We’re still waiting on 3-5 ideas from each of them to help create the campaign and everyone is still working on building their characters, so no game play yet. Which is good, because I still don’t know how to run the game with the new rules 😉
I should probably put something to that effect up on the campaign page, though, because half of the folks on that list above don’t even look at this page… Maybe I should have a campaign blog? Something where everyone can post too that isn’t the Adventure Log or the Forum? Ah well, something to think about.