Foxbat Beware

As an 8-year-old boy, he and his parents were mugged one night after leaving the movies. The thugs got away with $35, his parents wedding rings, and nothing else. They were never caught.
That’s not why he does this.
He was raised in a solidly middle class neighborhood north-east of the city, without a maid or a butler. Twice the family’s lawnmower was stolen, once his bike was snatched outside the Robinson’s Dairy, and three times the house was egged in his teens.
None of that drives him to fight crime.
He was a high school quarterback. A veteran of the middle east wars. A college graduate thanks to Uncle Sam. And he had a solid union job ready for him, but he threw it all away for one reason.
“Icon is a dick. There is no way I’m putting my city under the protection of that douche bag.”
So he rigged the lottery. Won a 700-million dollars. And put his money, athletic abilities, and military skills into a crusade against crime in Millennium City. A campaign to upstage a wannabe movie star. And just maybe, get the girl.
This will not be like high school.