A Detroit Legacy

At the recent City Center memorial event remembering the anniversary of the Battle of Detroit, ABS 8 News reporter, Julie Morgan, was able to get a few words from two of the cities heroes with a personal connection to the 1992 disaster. Julie.
//cut to Julie Morgan Downtown//
Julie Morgan: That’s right, Rob. I’m here with two of Millennium Cities hometown heroes, Paragon and Vanguard.
Paragon: Hi Julie.
Vanguard: Glad to be here.
Julie Morgan: I’ve heard that you two guys are brothers. Any truth to that?
Paragon: That’s right. You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but the big fella is my little brother.
Vanguard: Not anymore, I’m not, that’s your role now.
Julie Morgan: And you have one other link to the city that people might not be aware of, a rather famous father.
Paragon: That too is true. Our father was Starbolt back in the day.
*Vanguard nods*
Julie Morgan: Starbolt, was one of the cities heroes back in the late 80s and early 90s. And sadly he was one of the casualties in the Battle of Detroit. What was the name of his supergroup?
Vanguard: Renaissance Rangers.
Paragon: That’s right. It was just the three of them here in Detroit back then, dad, Stalker, and Spyder. But they weren’t actually part of the Battle of Detroit, Dad was at Henry Ford Hospital when the bomb obliterated the city. The others had been killed by Doctor Destroyer’s machines in the weeks leading up to that event.
Julie Morgan: And even with that you both still followed in his footsteps and became costumed crime fighters. That had to be hard. Why did you do it?
Paragon: We were born into it, Julie. Our father had powers and we each shared in his gift, we can’t just ignore these gifts. That’s not how we were raised. Dad said it, lived it, and passed it on to us. This is what we do, we serve, we protect, and we defend. We’re proud to be carrying on his good work.
Julie Morgan: Do you have anything to add to that, Vanguard?
Vanguard: Sometimes you just do a thing because your brother does.
Julie Morgan: A classic case of a boy wanting to be just like his big brother. In this case, these two brothers are both local heroes and, like the rest of us, Battle of Detroit survivors. Thank you both for making time for us.
Paragon: No, thank you, Julie.
*Vanguard waves at the camera*
Julie Morgan: Back to you, Rob.
\\camera cuts back to studio\\
Sounds like you’ve got a couple of our own costumed nobility there. Thanks guys and keep fighting the good fight. Now let’s check on this weekend’s weather forecast. Are we going to be getting wet during the river walk?