Becoming Bikers

I live in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is a bicycle friendly town. Lots of bike paths, bike lanes, and bike shops. I tried once before to be a bike rider in this town, but my bike was stolen two weeks after I bought it. It’s time to try again.
The wife and I need the exercise and want to become more active so we’re going  to become bikers. To that end I ordered us a couple of maintenance free bikes from Priority Bicycles. The reviews are good and I love the idea behind the bike, besides I don’t see myself hitting the trails on a mountain bike just yet and I want something more practical than a road bike. This should be perfect. I’m very excited, can’t wait for them to get here. Well, actually I’m on vacation in Florida, but it would be awesome if they would be there when I get home…
For him
For her
We’ll be cruising in style.