Home Improvement Update

My goal for yesterday in the basement was to get the storage room door put back up. And I did, it’s up. But to get it up I thought I had to get the door frame drywalled in order to use the door hangers I picked up at Home Depot. I ended up not using them and just hanging the door old school style with shims. But as an added bonus, the wall is drywalled now. Most of it anyway. I ran out of 2×4 lumber to finish framing in that last bit. And I’m very happy with the way my removable shelf came out. Today, I’m going to secure that flooring down.Basement_20150502
And here’s a shot of the garage/workroom with the new saw. In the background you can see the new bikes I mentioned a while back. I think a bike ride is another item in the plan for today.garage_20150502_112843
As long as I’m pointing stuff out, there’s that other box there. I picked up the table that matches the chairs and umbrella I got from my neighbors moving sale. So now I have a whole set for the patio. And it’s big enough for the whole family plus one.
And if you’re wondering, why so early. The dog woke me at 6:15 this morning, so I’m hoping to get lots done.