I'm an Artist

I was at my mom’s / sister’s place this Sunday, helping them pack / get rid of stuff. I came home with many treasures, but there are two pieces of my art that I wanted to share with you.
This piece was very early in my career, I’m thinking kindergarten. This piece was actually a blue ribbon winner and was displayed at the Pontiac Mall’s local art fair on my school’s booth.
Look at that use of color. Just amazing. I feel like I’ve wasted my talents. I didn’t title it then, but now I’m calling it, Happy Dinosaur.
This next piece is from high school, probably 10th grade, maybe 11th, whenever it was that I was in the commercial / graphic art class. I enjoyed that class and might have done more with art, but that teacher became the schools sports director and there was a bit of friction between me and the teacher that I had next. We had very different ideas about what constituted ‘art’. Let’s just say, I was never big on doing still-life drawings.
This one didn’t win any awards or get displayed at the mall.
Corvette Stamp
Because, well the 32nd anniversary of anything is a big deal. And, well, I like corvettes.
The years haven’t been kind to either of these pieces, but it’s neat to see them both again.
Maybe I’ll share some of my other treasures tomorrow.