Marvel Heroes 2015

Yesterday was a do nothing kind of day for me. Lady Ronn had announced that after having a 6-day work week, she was sleeping in. There was the little matter of shuttling the youngest child to Lansing to complete his summer visitation. Both items added up to don’t make any noise in the morning and don’t plan anything for the afternoon. So I took the day off.
I decided to play a game. Which started with The Secret World, then DC Universe Online, Champions Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, Neverwinter, and even a brief stint in Sims 3. None of it was doing anything for me. I’m not a good gamer. I don’t have a lot of patience for games. All throughout, however, I was downloading Marvel Heroes 2015… it took FOREVER… not sure why.
Anyway, once it did download and Denis and I did start playing; it was pretty good. Simple. Straight forward. Very DIablo-esc. A little frantic. Okay, it’s a lot frantic and often difficult to tell where you are and what you’re targeting. But the leveling was quick and the game play easy. We put a few hours into it and both ended up with 10 levels in our respective characters. Denis was the Hulk. I was Captain America.
I don’t think it’ll be my “go to” game, but it was pretty fun and the price (free) was hard to beat. If you like the Diablo games or mouse point-and-click games, give it a try. There are quite a few characters to choose from and plenty of opportunities to spend real world money on characters and costumes if you’re into that sort of thing.