Well, That Didn't Work…. Plumbing Edition

Plumbing. gotta love it.
So, I’ve cut a hole in the basement floor in order to relocate the shower drain. I pulled up the concrete and scooped out the gravel. Then I dug down, through the gravel seeded sand, to expose my existing cast iron trap and pipe. Looks like this has been done before, because, yes, those are flexible rubber Fernco donuts holding that all together…. not exactly standard equipment in 1969. Or so I have read.
Well, the internet tells me they are a bitch to get out, but that if I drill some holes in the rubber, twist and wiggle the pipe, and with enough strength and luck it’ll come apart. So that’s what I did.
Oh, it came apart.
It came apart nicely.
20150812_183222  20150812_183247
Only not at the trap fitting, where I wanted. It came apart about a foot and a half back from the edge of my hole. Shit.
I guess I’ll be cutting a little more of the floor out than I had expected. I love it when a plan comes together.