Sunday Wrap-Up

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I decided to take care of one of my very many craft projects. I hand drilled the feet of my musketeers with a 1/8-inch drill bit and installed a neodymium magnet in the foot of each. This will keep them from falling over on my shelf. Or it will once I get a small metal plate for them to stand on. Cross one thing off my very long list.
Then I went down to check on the cement in the basement bathroom. It was setting up pretty nicely. The wife and I put the shower up to see how close everything was going to fit. As I expected there are some gaps and the walls will need to be adjusted a bit. I think I’m going to completely redo the inside wall. But for the most part it’s a pretty nice fit and it’s a huge difference from what used to be in that spot.
Then I finished up all the wiring on my little network control center. All the basement bedrooms are now wired for cable and network. I had to rerun a couple lines for the upstairs, office and living room, but it was easy stuff with a little help from Lady Ronn. I think it looks pretty good. The electrical switch and outlets will be part of the store room project, which I have not quite started yet. Still have lots of other stuff going on.

I finished the day up with laundry, straightening up the basement/project space, doing some laundry, and of course… it’s garbage night, so I did that too. Anyhoo, that was my day. Later.