Arts n Crafts: Three Musketeers

I’ve been trying to finish up some of my projects that are not so house related.
If you remember last Christmas, these four guys showed up under my tree and ended up gracing my facebook page.
The problem with them is that they aren’t particularly well balanced and have a tendency to fall over. Well, what is one to do about that? I say we get some 1/8-inch magnets and stick them in their boots. So a little hand drilling (because the electric drill would go straight through the feet) and some glue to hold the magnets in place. Easy enough.
Okay, but now with that done there needs to be some sort of metal plate to stick them to. I guess that means I need to make something…
Not bad. I took a couple pieces of MDF and created a L-shaped stage. Then I rubber cemented a metal plate to the top side of the bottom and used my router to trim it down to match the MDF. A resin fleur de lis from Hobby Lobby was glued to the back wall with construction adhesive. then I painted the whole thing with metallic burnt bronze spray paint.
I was pretty happy with it at that point. So, I dropped it on the sawdust covered floor of the garage. Denting a corner (MDF does that) and causing sawdust to get stuck in the fresh paint. I was not happy. But I wiped off what I could and then took some 220-grit sandpaper to the rest. I was out of paint at this point, so I touched up with some matte black that I used on the grill last year. That worked fairly well. Then I did some gold highlights with Testors model paint. And here you have it.
Ignore that thing underneath there, I’ve got it angled up on a wrench set, for lighting purposes. It’s probably more than these little plastic toys deserve, but I do love me some Three Musketeers. Next project is to fix those bent swords.