Happy Mother's Day

Ug. Someone called me this morning at 7am and left no message. Then they called again at 8:30am and again left no message. I don’t recognize the number, but a look-up on it shows it as a Pontiac cell phone. This same number called my GrandCentral number and left no message. So not only did I get woken up way too early for a Sunday morning, but also I don’t know who the hell the culprit is. Thanks.
I found a note on my desk when I came downstairs this morning. Seems that Karin was looking at my notes for Malach and liked what she read.

If your intention was to write a scary/creepy story I think this is an awesome plot. I love scary stories and this just seems to spew suspense out the seams! Just thought you’d appreciate an outside opinion! (I watch scary movies constantly, it’s in my blood!)

Thank you, Karin. Always good to know that I’m not completely out of touch with you young folks.
No movie last night, but we’re all going to go see a show tonight and then follow it up with dinner. No word on which movie we’ll be seeing or where we’ll be going for dinner as of yet. But we’ll be out of the house and having fun. Happy Mother’s Day to us.
– — — Flash forward a few hours  — — –
So we all went to BD’s Mongolian Barbeque for dinner and then went and saw X-men Origins: Wolverine. I must say that while I’ve never been a big Wolverine fan, or Hugh Jackman fan for that matter, I do enjoy a good origin story. I liked it. Quite a bit actually. Of course, anything would be better than what I say last night… I saw the last half of the latest Hulk movie and that was a stinker. Pee Yew. Here’s a clip for Wolverine:

That unknown number called again at 4:30, so I went online and checked my call logs for GrandCentral. Turns out that I’ve had quite a few calls, just they’ve all ended before the voicemail kicked in. So maybe it’s nothing. As a bonus I was allowed to upgrade to Google Voice. I got that all set up with a personalized message and everything, so maybe whoever is calling will realize I’m not who they’re looking for…. or am I? And just because I can, I added a link here in the sidebar in case you need to reach me to tell me how great I am, or whatever.
Writing-wise I wrote up two pages of background for miss Luciana Maria Bianchi, my heroine in Malach. Got some good stuff. I started using yWriter today; entering characters, setting up wordcounts and deadlines, and generally playing around with the software’s features. So far, so good. I kinda like it.
And of course I can’t slip out of here today without sending out a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s that are reading this. None of us would be here today without one, so be good to the one you got. Later.