Projects Update

This weekend I managed to get a few things done and still feel like, not so much.
I put up the new door in the office and drilled it for a door handle and latch, but it still needs to be sanded and finished. I don’t know if it’s going to be stained or painted… I guess I need to figure out what the plan is for the office.
Painted the walls in the living room, but I need to go back and repaint the trim and doors and probably a few spots on the ceiling. The color looks surprisingly similar to what was there before. Which is odd, given that it went from a dusty mauve/lavender color to a smoked tan. I mean it’s so close if you didn’t know we changed it, you probably wouldn’t know.
Patched the walls and did most of the cut-in painting in the kitchen, but haven’t gotten to rolling it out yet. Big change in color there. No chance you wouldn’t notice the change.
Painted the hallway wall and the wall in the bathroom both of which I patched.
And I started cutting the boards for the new Batman pedestal as the first one turned out to be a hot mess of broken angles and out-of-square corners.
All that and I did all the towels and all my laundry on Saturday.
No pictures yet, but probably soon.