Winter Arrives

Yesterday was the first real snow fall. Most of the lawn was still snow covered when I locked the door and headed for bed last night. This morning has been windy and full of flurries. I think I can safely say that winter is finally here.

Mom and Dad should be back for the Christmas holiday in two days. Not sure what’s going on as far as the celebration. The only thing I know is that the boys will be coming over on Christmas day and probably stay through the New Year’s eve.

I had a less productive weekend than I had hoped to have, but yesterday was good. Friday I wrote just under 1000 words. Saturday I skipped the writing because Rachel and Denis came over and stay’d a good part of the day. Sunday I managed to crank out 4100 words in two seperate writing sessions. I litterally whipped the shit out of Thane and I plan on finishing the chapter with his escape tonight.