I Need Smaller Hands

Tonight I took all the scenes I wrote down over the last couple of days and started dividing them up and sorting them out. I figure that I need 36 scenes. Initially I was thinking it would be divvied up with 15 scenes for Malach, 15 scenes for Lucy, and maybe 4 scenes for Kaleb, with a couple of scenes that would be outside these three characters; I’ll call them background scenes. But that’s not how it’s playing out as I put them on note cards and flesh them out a bit. I realized that those ‘background’ scenes aren’t necessary, they can be addressed using Malach. So I’m now thinking my scene division will look more like 20 scenes for Malach, 10 scenes for Lucy, and 6 scenes for Kaleb.
I’ve written 7 cards for Kaleb and 12 cards for Lucy. I gave myself two extras for each character just so that I would have some wiggle room to set this thing up. As an added bonus, I’ve developed an interesting take on my nephilim that I think will go a long way toward the old axiom that everyone is the hero of their own story. I like what I’m coming up with. I decided to refocus the story on Malach, because to me, he is the story.
Doing this notecarding thing is new to me; it’s not the way I usually do things. Typically I’m an outline kinda guy. I don’t think in scenes and this is causing me to break my chapters down. I realize that some of my chapters are a single scene and some are as many as four scenes. It’s odd. I know I write scenes, because I use scene breaks in my writing. It’s a good thing. Additionally, yWriter is helping me think about scene goal, scene conflict, and scene outcome; or more simply what is the change in the scene.
Tomorrow I need to tackle the 20+ scenes that are focused on Malach. I don’t know that I’ll have the order of all my scenes done by the time my next writing call rolls around, but I would like to have all my scenes notecarded. I’d like to have accomplished my goal for this week and be ready to start writing this bitch down.
On another note, I bought this laptop to use for my writing and I’ve been using it tonight to get used to working on it. I’m hoping that this gets better. I miss my big monitor and not having to look down past my big ol’ hands to see the screen. Gotta say, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But then I can take this thing anywhere in the house to get my writing done… I’m in bed now… delicious.
Things are good. Progress is being made. I’m feeling productive. Later.