Writing Coach

I started a notebook last night for Shadow’s Play and put down my first notes about who, what, and even a little bit of why. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. But some things are starting to gel in my head.
Saturday is the writing conference at the library and that should add further inspiration and motivation. I’m planning on starting some practice writes next week, probably a thousand words a night. Little bits of stuff that won’t be in the story, but which may influence the story. I may or may not put that stuff up here. It kinda depends on what I get and the quality of what I got.
I returned Star Wars Aftermath and used that audible credit to pick up something writing related. This is a book that I’ve heard good things about but didn’t have on my writing shelf, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Finished it already, it’s pretty short, and I enjoyed it and found it to be motivating, if not terribly insightful. By which I mean, I enjoyed it but didn’t come away with the secrets to writing a best selling novel revealed to me. But that could be a product of the sheer number of How-To books I’ve read through the years. It did, however, make me interested in Anne Lamott’s writing. So I’ll probably seek out some of her work in the near future. As always, the secret is to write and write some more and get out of your own way.
I decided to follow that up with another bit of writing advice, this time from Stephen King. I’ve listened to this one several times. In fact, I have taken the time to edit out all the memoir stuff out and create a ‘writing advice only’ version of the book. I like the way King says, either write or find something else to do. Take your writing seriously or don’t bother. My words not his, I’m paraphrasing. Again, this is nothing I haven’t heard before. I’m just trying to get my head in the right place for the coming NaNoWriMo and the inevitable resolution to keep at it and make a writer out of myself.