Opportunity Comes A-Knockin'

I am beat today. Not sure why, it was just another day at work. Nothing particularly grueling occured, but I’m sitting here trying to write this and yawning like crazy. Very weird.
So we’ve moved in, bought some new furniture, and gotten the place looking pretty good. Other than the noisy neighbor things are pretty sweet. Well, toss that all on its head and give it a good shake. Tasha has a lead on a job. A good lead. A solid lead. Straight to  her email from her old boss lead. If she wants it she’ll get it sort of lead. And it’s probably a good job, no real details as of yet. Full time. Benefits. Doing what she wants to do. Good stuff. But it’s in Detroit. Not the western suburbs. Not near Detroit. Right downtown on the river Detroit.
It’s not the location, mind you. It’s the fact that we’re talking about a 155 mile commute. Two and a half hours one way without traffic commute. We’re talking about her moving back to the other side of the state  kind of commute. A what the fuck do we do now kind of commute.
When she called to ask/tell me about it (the job) I wasn’t about to tell her no. I know she hates her job now and doesn’t think much of this area and we did the long distance thing before. I told her if it sounds good send them your info. I don’t like it much, but I’m not going to hold her back from a good opportunity. We’ll survive and make it work somehow. If it goes through I’ll talk to my people about getting moved back to that side of the state. We’ve got lots of engineers over there. I’m sure I could find something, eventually.
So yeah, that’s what’s going on here. Best part is, if this happens it’ll probably happen as fast as it did when I went to work for Jones Lang LaSalle. I’m thinking within a month. So change is in the air yet again. You’ve gotta take the good with the bad and make it work for you. So that’s what I’ll do.
My boss mentioned that the Blessing of the Bikes is this weekend in Baldwin, MI. Sounds kinda cool, I guess he and Rob (another guy I work with) and another friend of thires are going. I’d probably have gone to check it out, but I found out about it late and I’ve already got plans. So maybe next year. Speaking of bikes, I’ve gotta get mine out more. I was gonna ride it a couple times this week and last, but every time it was nice I took Karin driving. Oh well, she’ll be gone come Monday and then I can drag Tasha out and go check out the lake shore. You know, now that I’ve figured out where I can go to see the lake without having to pay for it 🙂
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. Give me the weekend, please.