Dressing Room Fixture

As you all know, I have yet to finish the half-bath in the bedroom. And even if I did finish it, which I will, I’m not convinced the wife would use it out of fear of waking me in the morning. She get’s up at 5:30, I get up at 7.
I know, it’s a ridiculous idea, I’m oblivious to everything but my alarm in the morning. And it’s a trait that I am very happy to have.
Anyway, since she has to share the bathroom mirror with first the high schooler and then with me, I thought it would be nice if she didn’t have perform that act every morning. So I took the mirror on the dresser in the guestroom and turned it into a light fixture.
I scratched out my inserts onto some sheet metal, then drilled out the holes for the lights. I then cut out those pieces with metal shears, bent them with my sheet metal tools, and installed them into the dresser. Then using another piece of metal, I built the fixture itself, attatched the sockets, wired it, and installed it on the back of the mirror. I then salvaged some chrome  lamp cups from a Habitat for Humanity light fixture and put those on the sockets. Five bulbs and that part was done. (I’m leaving out a lot and making it seem easier than it was.)
I wired all that to a switch and outlet that I attached to the dresser and wired it to a plug cord. Plug it into the wall and you can use the easily accessible outlet and the lights come on with a flick of the switch. I think she’ll like it.
Ignore the pile of stuff on the bed and the dust on the mirror, This just came in from the garage and I had to move some things around the room while I was working, the bed just happens to be where it all ended up. Otherwise, check out my latest thing. And there are two pictures to prove that it works. 😉
20151114_132827 20151114_132839