Bennick written and played by Doug Parks in the 5 Kingdoms campaign

Appearance: Bennick is thin and wiry, with no body fat. His skin is rough and scarred from his many years of living on the street, and his hands show the calluses of many walls a-climbed. He wears loose black clothing over his leather armor.
Distinguishing Marks: Scar on left cheek.
Mannerisms: Bennick smiles a lot but is quiet around strangers. With friends, he talks to excess.
Fears/Phobias: Bennick has a slight fear of open spaces — he much prefers to have city walls around him.

Background Info/Character History:
Bennick grew up on the streets after the death of his mother. He was despondent without a family and found nothing to latch onto. Invariably he became a thief; a second-story man with the moniker “The Invisible Man.” He was a loner who longed for something to belong to, but the Thieves’ Guild didn’t fit the mould. At first he was a member in good standing, but he quickly lost his enamoration — he broke with the Guild and went freelance. His successes became fewer and farther between until he was steeped in debt and careless with his life. His downward spiral hit rock bottom as he lay in prison facing death. Bennick alone stood calmly in line for the gallows while the other prisoners cursed or begged for mercy.
The Queen, required to oversee the events, asked the Guard Captain of his name and his crime. “Bennick, m’lady,” he replied. “A burglar, a second-story thief. They call him the Invisible Man.” The Queen was intrigued and spoke quickly to the Guard Captain. Minutes later, Bennick was pulled from the line. “You’ve been offered leniency by the Queen herself. You’re to trade your death sentence for a stint in the military.”
“And if I refuse?” Bennick replied.
“Your life’s not your own. It belongs to the Queen now.”
Nationality: Vanion
Home: Avarona

Family/Siblings: Bennick’s mother was a prostitute killed before his eyes when he was 8. His father is unknown. Bennick has no siblings.

Early Education: The school of hard knocks.

Formal Education: Thieves’ guild, Laurundis.

Instructors: Salguod Skrap, master thief.