Seeing Double

Painting is no fun. I have lots of painting to do. In an attempt to make painting easier, if not more fun, I ordered a paint sprayer from Amazon on black Friday. Price to value comparison on the various review sites pointed me to the Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer.
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My previous sprayer had the pump built into the pistol grip and it just didn’t cut the mustard. I’m hoping that the separate and more powerful pump will work better. The online reviews are positive.
It arrived today, twice. I received my usual “your package has been delivered” text and email from Amazon while I was at work. And when I finally made it home there were two identical packages on the counter. Both of them being Wagner paint sprayers. I double checked my order and the mistake is completely theirs.
The temptation would be to keep them both, return one of them for a full refund, or maybe sell the extra on eBay.  But that’s not how we roll around these parts. I didn’t order two. I didn’t pay for two. I’m not keeping two.
So I sent an email to Amazon, explaining the situation and asking how to return the extra painter without getting refunded the purchase price. Their response was prompt and grateful, they included a prepaid shipping label, and I’ll be sending it back tomorrow.
Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. That’s why.
You can expect my review of the sprayer I’m keeping sometime soon.