Batman Comes to the Party

I did some redecorating/rearranging in the office yesterday after the Christmas festivities died down. Just wanted to show you my new Batman bust and the closer, but still unfinished, shield. There are several things that I notice in this picture that are projects in progress and some that are in need of explanation.
The bathroom door frame looks like a scratching post. This is because our cat, Emma, likes to jump up on the door frame and slide down it like a fireman with claws. And she can jump pretty high. I’ve put off fixing it until I get around to repainting the hallway.
The pedestals aren’t the same height. Yes, that is intentional. I built the pedestals so that each of the busts stands at the official DC heights. That would be 6’3″ for Superman and 6’2″ for Batman. The Batman pedestal ends up being taller because the Batman bust is shorter from base to top of head, because I don’t think the pointy bits on his mask count when figuring his height.
The shield looks pretty good from 10-ft away. Not so much from painting distance.
The shelves and the pedestals aren’t the same color. The pedestals are just primed with white primer and the shelves are the factory brown finish. I’ll paint them both when I get around to repainting the office.
I’m repainting the office, because, the green worked nicely when it was the travel room, and was full earthy colors. It works less well as that stuff migrates away and the office becomes a museum of my eclectic tastes. And also because the walls are all dinged up and need to  be fixed.
Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Later.