2015: A Year in Review

First, all the stuff I’m going to be skipping over in this 2015 review. So everybody had birthdays, all the usual holidays came and went, and there were the usual bunch of anniversaries. That was stuff that happened and it’ll all happen again this year. We celebrated all of that stuff. We’ll celebrate it all again this year. That stuff happened.
I started the year off with a hankerin’ for some Champions Online. Actually, I was looking for some kind of outlet, but it turned out that video games didn’t cut it. I was done with my Champions membership by April and had probably not played much of it for 3-months prior.
In February, I dipped my toes into the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Truth be told, I kind of fell in the D&D water. I started working up a campaign, Warlock’s Cauldron, and devoted too much time too it, given that we played one session and never went back to it.
March saw my sister-in-law and her boyfriend buy a house. We went and helped them move in and get organized. Very exciting stuff for them and we’re very happy to see them so happy.
We took a family trip to Florida in April. We saw the ocean and the gulf and alligators and all that stuff. Oh, yeah, we also visited my mother. This month the wife and I bought bikes, which only got used a handful of times the rest of the year. This year will be better. Promise. I went to my second KDL Writers Conference, looking for, but not finding, inspiration and motivation. And as I already mentioned, I canceled that Champions Online subscription and ran my D&D game in April.
In May, there was a 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Kalamazoo and the floor in our shower cracked. Those two things had nothing to do with each other, and in fact happened on completely different days. But I like the set up on that line, so that’s how I wrote it. I felt the earthquake here and it was strange. Don’t get a lot of that around these parts. The shower got fixed by a tub repair company but… well… it’s still an issue. I bought my first table saw, but it probably won’t be my last. I like it, but it might not be exactly what I wanted. Which, coincidently, is exactly how I feel about the Baenrahl website I built around this same time.
June saw my sister move to Florida. And I finally tackled the project of relocating my air conditioning condenser. It had been installed on the patio. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. I set a pad and moved it out to the corner of the house behind the garage. It’s so much nicer there.
July was quiet but full of the usual home projects. In August, I took about 10-days to reorganize my garage, replumbed my basement bathroom, and put together a server for my home network. I built a pedestal, for the Superman bust I received from my wife for my 47th birthday. I used two-part resin for the first time and did a few craft projects.
We bought new furniture for the Family room in September. That, of course, set off a whole schlew of projects; staining the fireplace brick, replacing the fireplace doors, and painting the whole room. I built a fireplace mantle, a matching shelf, and a light fixture. We then painted the adjoining kitchen. The whole refresh took us right into October, but it looks very nice.
In October, I also put up my new office door and attended yet another KDL Writers Conference. Still looking for motivation and inspiration. I know. I know. It’s gotta come from inside.
November should have been taken up with NaNoWriMo project, but after a little more than 13,000 words; I was done. Probably, because I was busy getting ready for a big family Thanksgiving, repairing my refrigerator, replacing my bath fan, and building my wife a lighted dressing mirror, when I should have been writing. Oh well, lessons learned, I’ll apply that knowledge to next year.
December came up on me fast and I can’t say I was ready to finish the year. But that choice wasn’t one given to me. So I built a big rolling workbench in the garage to make all of this year’s projects easier. Took a Saturday morning to put more paint on that shield in my office, finally. And then it was Christmas. The wife brought Batman into the office to join Superman.
And here we are, 2016. I had a good year in 2015 and I expect that this year will be even better. More productive. Healthier. More creative. All that jazz. I hope your year is a good one.